Smart solution is the key

HES storage station is a smart, grid-independent, energy storage solution for your home. Using an integrated control system with adaptive logic, energy flow can be controlled and optimized, maximizing the energy self-sufficiency of your home while storing energy produced by solar panels.

A solar plant delivers electricity right where it is needed. It can charge the batteries and at the same time cover the consumption of the home.

Excess generated electricity can be returned directly to the grid (if the contract with your distributor allows for it).

Conversely, the lack of electricity in the battery storage station can be charged from the grid during low tarrif times, in order to prevent reducing the battery life.

The new concept is that solar electricity, thanks to installed batteries, creates a stable energy source. HES allows smooth operation in network and island (off-grid) mode. The device is designed to allow uneven loading of individual phases in a 3-phase system, thus preventing your home from buying power on one phase while selling on another.

The device is completely developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic by AERS s.r.o.

Certification of HES equipment was performed by TUV SUD Czech 12/2019.

Battery Management System (BMS).

The power of the station is 10kVA, 3x 230 V / 400 V / 50 Hz, equalizing the asymmetric load.

The inverter, operating in bidirectional (4Q) mode, can both draw and supply energy.

2 x MPPT input, each with 6kWp output, working voltage 300 - 600 V.

Cost-effective, and technologically advanced with a new concept and intelligent power management.

Maximizing the use of energy from photovoltaics.

HES 10 parameters:

13,7 – 41,1kWh, Second-life Li-Ion batteries from automotive, 6000 cycles (min. 8 years depending on the mode of use).

Short-term overload capacity of AC convertor: 20kVA.

Capable of network (on grid) or off grid operation.

Voltage operating system (input / output), Un   TN-S, 3x230/400V AC, 50Hzl
Connection Operating Current (Sync) 25A (customer option 32A)
Power factor cos(j) 1 – 0,95
Operating voltage range 0,8 Un – 1,1Un
Rated input frequency (operating range) 50 Hz, (47,5Hz – 51,5Hz)
Internal supply voltage 24VDC
External temperature range 0°C up to +40°C
Altitude up to 2000 m
Air humidity 85%
Design: steel sheet cabinet
Dimensions of cabinet type HES: 600 x 600 x 1912 mm
Total weight type 1 : approx 353kg
Inverter output HES6/10:  
Nominal voltage Un 3x230/400V, 50Hz, TN-S
Output power Pn 10kW
Maximum Output Power Pmax 13,8kW (5min)
Nominal output current In 14,5A / max. 20A
Solar inputs:  
Operating voltage range per PV input: UPV 300 – 600V DC
Maximum open circuit voltage:   700V DC
Number of PV inputs in one MPPT module: 2
Max. current per 1 PV input: 20A
Max. Power per 1 PV input: 6kW
Battery capacity:  
Battery type LiIon
1st basic variant 13,7 kWh
number of AcuPacks2,25 in series 2
available continuous power from AC (cabinet type 1)   10kW (operating mode: island)
Total voltage Acu approx. 92,4V
2nd variant 27,4kWh
number of AcuPacks2,25 in series 4
available continuous power from AC (cabinet type 2) 10kW (operating mode: island)
Total voltage Acu approx. 115,5V
3th variant 41,1kWh
number of AcuPacks2,25 in series 6
available continuous power from AC (cabinet type 2) 10kW (operating mode: island)
Total voltage Acu approx. 115,5V