Description of the operation of the production area in Jeseník

  • Manufacture of heating cable systems and mats
  • Production of radiant panel systems
  • Production of radiant facing and marble panels
  • Production technology of extruders and injection molding machines
  • Automated production by pressing and forming machines/li>
  • Galvanizing shop, powder paint shop
  • Parts of production processes robotized

Business case of the SAS pilot application

  • Reduction of reserved output
  • Covering energy peaks (leveling diagram)
  • Covering 1/4-hour highs
  • Elimination of fines for exceeding the maxima

SAS pilot application parametres

For the location of the SAS station, the technical room 1.09 was chosen in the building of the former warehouse, which was reconstructed into new production premises as a part of increasing the production capacity of the company.

  • Large capacity storage 2x 307kWh with BMS system
  • Power inverter block 2x 350kW (overload capacity 2x 400kW)
  • Block of power connection transformers 2x 400kVA
  • Switchboard main power connection SAS to DTS, which is inside the premises
  • Synchromettering and Power Contactors (DTS retrofit)
  • Power Management System SAS control unit
  • Switchgear of auxiliary circuits (backup power supply 24V, HVAC, SHZ).