Fenix ​​Group and AERS supported students of technical universities as part of the Czech Energy and Ecological Project 2018 and also won awards for the peak storage station in Jeseník.

On Tuesday, November 19, 2019, titles and other awards were awarded at the 17th annual Czech Energy and Ecological Project, Construction, Innovation of the Year competition at the Czech Technical University, Prague Bethlehem Chapel. The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic received the company Fenix ​​s.r.o. for the project of the peak accumulation station in the production plant in Jeseník and the company AERS, s.r.o., which designed and delivered SAS station.

A large-capacity battery storage project for shaving peak demand and backing up the operation of the FENIX Jeseník production plant, implemented by AERS, s.r.o. entered the 17th year of the project CEEP 2018 (Czech Energy and Environmental Project) by Fenix ​​Group a.s. The battery storage system (hereinafter referred to as SAS) represents a set of technologies in Jeseník that create an energy source for a wide range of applications. In Jeseník, SAS aims to reduce reserved power, cover power peaks, cover ¼ hours, eliminate over-consumption fines and act as a back-up of power-down (POWER-UPS). Congratulations!