SAS manages energy consumption peaks, which occur during production facility operations or during power equipment startups in commercial buildings.

SAS provides reliable power backup to production facilities or commercial-administrative buildings.

The stations are designed for operation in the following operating modes:

  • Reduction of reserved capacity (load distribution within 24 hours).
  • Peak-shaving and reduction of 1/4- hour maximum.
  • Protection and energy backup against outages that can cause significant damage in production. Effective elimination of micro-outages.
  • Power quality management and compensation.
  • Maximizing the use of energy from photovoltaics.

What applications are SAS stations designed for?

Energy backup for production plants

Stabilization (reduction) of the consumption sampling diagram.

Peak-shaving and reduction of 1/4-hour maximum.

Operational backup of power for technology (POWER UPS).

Charging stations for electric vehicles

Containerized EV charging solution for road service stations.

Fixed energy storage station for charging electric vehicles in multifunctional buildings and urban areas (offices, shopping centers, businesses).

Container or fixed storage stations for companies that plan to offer electric vehicle charging as a corporate benefit.

Power stations to support heavy industry operations

Load balancing stations in the foundry industry.

Active, dynamically, controlled compensation power stations.

SAS stations ensure that the grid power quality requirements are met.

Operational backup of power for technology (POWER UPS).

Dynamic energy balancing stations

Stations for wide deployment in distribution systems with collective control to limit the influence of local renewable energy generation.

Distributed power quality controllers of LV and HV networks.

Optimization of power distribution system parameters (active and reactive power flow control, voltage stability, harmonic distortion reduction, flicker reduction).

AERS has received a statement of compliance from CEZ Distribuce a.s. It approves our SAS Station for use on the company's distribution network. Please see here.

AERS has been awarded the ČEEP and TA ČR awards Czech Energy and Environment Project of 2018 for the SAS Industrial Battery Storage Project in Jeseník for 2018. You can see the award here.