What is an accumulation station?

  • The storage station is a smart, distribution grid-independent energy solution for your home.
  • Thanks to the integrated control system with adaptive logic, the storage station controls and optimizes the flow of electricity, maximizing the energy self-sufficiency of your house, while storing the energy produced by solar panels so that it can be used when needed.
  • Excessive electricity can be returned directly to the public distribution grid. If you are not an energy trader, energy will be stored in batteries for your home.
  • On the other hand, the lack of electricity in the storage station can be compensated from the public grid (preferably from the low tariff “night current”).
  • The device can be used in network and non-network (island) solution.

How does it work

Electricity, which is produced in the form of an alternative energy source, eg. by means of photovoltaic, windmill, or diesel generator, is stored in batteries stored in an accumulation station -> is then used at the moment of need so as to bring maximum savings for the object in which it is installed house, apartment, etc.)

Economical savings come when you recharge batteries (from the sun, wind or aggregate) or have the batteries charged.

Whenever needed, the accumulated electrical energy is ready for use, day and night.

The benefit of an accumulation station

The storage station is designed for targeted use and storage of energy:

  • in periods of energy overproduction with the aim of use in the event of a power outage
  • if necessary, increase the quality of electricity
  • in the period of energy overproduction with the aim of use in times of increased consumption
  • in places requiring uneven load management

The economic benefit of an accumulation station is based on:

  • use of price difference in different time periods (night/day)
  • ensuring the highest level of energy self-sufficiency of the household
  • reduction of the main circuit breaker
  • bridging short-term power peaks in households
  • energy storage in water (water heating)